Why piano?

I knew that if I became a pianist I’d never get bored!  I love learning new pieces and exploring repertoire.  Sure, I enjoy playing Bach, Beethoven and Ravel, but I absolutely love recording something that has never been recorded before.  It’s putting the music out there for the first time!  And then people can make up their own minds.  If they like a piece, they can learn and perform it, or maybe someone else will record it, and then the piece becomes more a part of the mainstream piano repertoire, which is excellent.

I am constantly having new ideas, there is no shortage of those!  And yes, I like playing live, bringing music to audiences around the world.  I also compose, and try to include one of my pieces in a concert if possible.  It’s the creative side of music which keeps me going:  fashioning a sound world, the intangible out of the tangible.  I’m not a performer in the sense of being an entertainer.  The music is the focus, not me.  Giving life to a composer’s intentions, that’s a nice way to spend my days.