Tonin Harapi’s Waltz in B minor is available through Emerson Edition (

Album pianistik by Simon Gjoni is available from Mr Andis Gjoni (

The first five piano sonatas of Kozma Lara ( are printed in Sonatas for piano and violin by Shtëpia Botuese ‘OMSCA’, Rruga ‘Frederik Shiroka’, Tirana, Albania, tel. and fax: +42 355 336 48. The same publisher prints Lara’s Eight Preludes for Piano in Muzikë Dhome: Works of Albanian Composers.

“Artes”, a publishing house run by Adelina Hoxha (, has printed some piano scores: Album pianistik (Piano Album) by Albert Paparisto; Album pianistik by Ramadan Sokoli;Sonatina per piano by Limos Dizdari; Koncertino per piano (Piano Concerto) by Limos Dizdari; Peisazh e valle per piano (View and Dance for piano) by Limos Dizdari; and Album pianistik by Sabrie Nushi. Ms Hoxha may have access to other scores, so please contact her if you are searching for a piece.