The Schulz- Beuthen and Goetz Project

Click on the jacket covers for further information on each disc (tracklisting, jacket notes, audio samples and reviews).

This well played and very well recorded CD gives us the opportunity to hear some out-of-the-way Works.

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I had never heard of Heinrich Schulz- Beuthen before, and I did not know the music of Hermann Goetz at all.  This project was generated by Guild ( as they had been asked to find a pianist to record these pieces.  The manuscripts had been lost in the fire-bombing of Dresden during WWII, but the Zentralbibliothek Zürich had first editions.  I agreed to have a look at the scores, and happily sight-read through the lot.   I was charmed and impressed by the music and thought the repertoire definitely merited a recording.   Thus the project was born!

So who are these composers?  Malcolm MacDonald wrote excellent sleeve notes for both discs, and you can find information on Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen and Hermann Goetz by clicking on the Sleeve Notes links.  I believe you will be surprised by the music, as I was.  A wonderful repertoire to explore….

The biggest piece on these discs is the Alhambra Sonata by Schulz-Beuthen.  My goodness, it evokes the Alhambra Palace in Grenada, Spain, with runs, trills, lush harmonies and expansive sonorities.  The two Goetz sets are great concert works.  They require an advanced technique, and are a delight to play.  Reminiscent, perhaps, of  Schumann, these are neatly composed pieces that fit the hand and work very well as a whole.