American by birth, I’ve lived in the UK since 1994.  I married a Brit!  So I’m now a dual-national but very proud of my American heritage and roots.  Recording the Amy Beach, Arthur Foote, James Hewitt and Patriotic Piano repertoire was a big deal for me, as I wanted to champion American classical music and fly the banner for lesser known U.S. composers in Europe.

I started out on piano and recorder, then added clarinet, organ and harpsichord, with a smattering of flute, oboe and trombone thrown in!  One of my mentors once told me, ‘You’re a musician first and a pianist second’ which I took as a huge compliment. Being a well-rounded musician and knowing the broader classical repertoire is something I bring into my piano and composition work.

I have a Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Piano Performance.   My parents always wondered what I was going to do with these degrees, but now I’m doing it!  I record piano CDs and compose.  It’s great!

There are two formal biographies here for use in programs and the press, and for you to read if you would like to find out more about me.