Violin Sonata (2016)

I.   Allegro moderato
II.  Modal Jig
III.  Ballad
IV.  Rondo

Sonata for Violin and Piano sample pages
Violin Sonata Performance Notes

Allegro moderato excerpt (computer generated)

Modal Jig excerpt (computer generated)

Ballad excerpt (computer generated)

Rondo excerpt (computer generated)


Cello Sonata (2015)

I.   Budapest
II.  Vienna
III. Brno
IV.  Tirana

Cello Sonata sample pages
Cello Sonata Performance Notes

I. Budapest excerpt (computer generated)

II. Vienna excerpt (computer generated)

III. Brno (live recording)  Video here at 12′ into performance

IV. Tirana excerpt (computer generated)

String Quartet

String Quartet (2015)

I.   Maestoso
II.  Adagio
III. Minuet: Allegretto (pseudo raga)
IV.  Con brio

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String Quartet Performance Notes

Maestoso excerpt (computer generated)

Adagio excerpt (computer generated)

Minuet: Allegretto excerpt (computer generated)

Con brio excerpt (computer generated)


Flute Vibes (2015)

for flute and piano

Premiered 17 May 2015, Exeter College, Oxford
Chris Britton, Flute

Flute Vibes sample pages
Flute Vibes Performance Notes

Flute Vibes (live recording)


Being (2015)


Brass Quintet (2017)

I.   March
II.  Waltz
III. Soliloquy
IV.  Finale


Deep Blue (2017)

Tuba solo with extended techniques

Chamber Ensemble

Remembrance, Journey and Dance (2016)

Trio for clarinet, oboe or viola; cello or bassoon; and piano

Premiered 1 April 2017, MC Gallery, New York City
Vent Nouveau

Remembrance, Journey and Dance sample pages
Remembrance, Journey and Dance Performance Notes

Remembrance, Journey and Dance

streams, waterfall, pool (2016)

for flute, violin and cello

streams, waterfall, pool sample pages
streams, waterfall, pool Performance Notes

streams, waterfall, pool excerpts (computer generated)


Union/Disunion (2017)

Union Disunion Performance Notes

Premiered 17 June 2017, London
London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra, workshop

Vocal Ensemble

An Evening Prayer (2018)

for male sextet (2 Altos; 2 Tenors; Baritone; Bass), a cappella, 3’50”
Text: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Fall, Leaves, Fall (2016)

for male sextet, a cappella, 4’20”
Text: Emily Bronte

What the Swallows Did (2016)

for 2 sopranos, 1 mezzo-soprano, a cappella,3’20”
Text: Louisa May Alcott

Vocal Solo

Eliza (2017)

for soprano and found objects.
Text by Harriet Beecher Stowe.


The Four Elements (2017)

for SATB a cappella

The Twirling Shoal (2017)

for SATB quartet and piano
Text: K. Johnson

For Christmas-Tide is Here! (2016)

SATB and organ  3’30”
Text: Louisa May Alcott

Sing Unto The Lord (2016)

SATB a cappella, 4’10”
Text: Psalm 96, vv 1, 11-13

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (2016)

for Children’s Choir, SATB Choir, Flute, Double Bass, Percussion and Piano, 20’
The Pied Piper of Hamelin further information

Ages of Ages (2015)

SATB, a capella, 4’30”
Ages of Ages Performance Notes


Seasons of Life

North Texas (a scherzo for piano)
Expression no. 1
November Wind

Sonata No. 1

I.   In The Beginning
II.  Prelude-Elegy
III. Rondo

Sonata No. 2

I.   Agitato
II.  Passing, a prelude
III. Toccata

Seven Diatonic Preludes

One note:  C
Two notes:  C and D
Three notes:  “Call”
Four Notes:  Gigue
Five Notes:  Waltz
Six Notes:  Improvisation
Seven Notes:  Haiku

Sadness (2016)


Nocturne Semplice (2016)